Carpet adds warmth and comfort to your home. A carpeted floor is a beautiful, functional, and economical flooring option for families.

Carpet has been one of the most popular floor coverings used in American homes for decades.  This occurs for many reasons.  Carpet is soft to the touch, provides noise reduction, and helps insulate a room.  There is nothing more comforting than to get out of bed in the morning and step on a soft warm surface.


It’s a common misconception that carpet lowers indoor air quality.  Studies actually show that with proper cleaning and maintenance, carpeted rooms have lower levels of dust-borne allergens than rooms with hard surface.   Carpet traps allergens that are in all of our homes.  With effective carpet cleaning – such as vacuuming with a high efficiency filter and routine professional hot water extraction cleanings you can reduce both surface allergens and airborne counts which help maintain good indoor air quality.

Carpet has come a long way in style and design.  We are seeing definite trending toward different types and styles of carpet.  Carpet is a strong avenue in creating the design and style you want for your home.   Whether you are looking for a Texture, a Loop, a Pattern, or a Twist/Frieze – we have the carpet to make your design vision come together.  Don’t know what look is best?  We can help you determine that too!

Need help determining what Fiber is best for you?  All the options can be confusing.  The room you are installing the carpet in, the amount of use/traffic that the area endures, and often times – your budget can all be factors in helping us guide you to the best fiber for your home.  Our goal is to provide you with a carpet that meets all your needs, without making you feel uncomfortable by trying to sell you more than you want to spend.

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