Keep those grout joints looking like new!

How can you keep your grout joints looking like new? We have the products and techniques to help you love the cleanliness of your floors for years to come.

Ceramic tile is the most durable flooring option you can put in your home. No other product will stand up to your 90 pound dog or children at play the way ceramic tile will.

While the tile itself could withstand just about anything that life will throw at it the grout joints are another matter. At Advanced Flooring, we make use of new technology that allows us to lay tile closer than ever before. The use of smaller spacers allows for less grout to have to maintain.

The best option for keeping those grout joints looking brand-new for years to come is to seal all of your grout following a 72 hour curing period. One of the sealers that we recommend is the miracle impregnator sealer. This is a relatively quick and easy process as you are able to seal both the tile itself and the grout joints. When applied correctly you are able to see water or anything spilled bead up on your grout rather than soaking into it causing those unsightly stains.

If your grout joints have gotten away on you and you currently have stains or built up dirt and grime you will want to get a quality cleaning product to get your grout joints looking like new again. While there are many cleaning products on the market a personal favorite of ours is the liquid poultice part a and b by miracle sealants. This is a alkaline liquid that is designed for deep, difficult cleaning of grout, natural stone, limestone, travertine and marble. Using warm water for mixing and a proper scrubbing brush you will be able to see the grout lines “fizz” as the cleaner reacts to the dirty surface. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and follow all directions of the cleaner. You will then want to follow through to seal your newly cleaned grout joints.

In some cases the grout joints might be beyond scrubbing. In this case another option would be to “paint” your grout joints with a grout colorant. Tec carries a line that we recommend. This product is a colorant and a sealer all in one giving it a long lasting look. A grout colorant can restore your original grout color or even change the color of your grout if you so choose. Special applicators are made to glide down the lines of your grout joints filling them with clean color you are looking for.

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